You know you have the skills and passion to grow your coaching business, but instead you’re swirling in a tsunami of questions that have you feeling:

  • Frustrated

    Working endless hours and not seeing the fruits of your labor.

  • Tech Overload

    Managing so many moving parts is cumbersome and error prone.

  • Overwhelmed

    You have been overloaded with so many different strategies.

  • Anxiety

    Feeling unsupported and that you're doing this on your own.

But the Reality Is You CAN Grow Your Business Without Swirling in Frustration, Tech Overload, Overwhelm or Anxiety...

...that is, when you have a systems and automation expert on your side. You see, ambitious, heart-centered coaches call on me to leverage automation to scale their coaching businesses with ease while serving more in their zone of genius without burnout or losing the heart and soul of their business.


And I'm here to do the same for you. Trust me to dig deep into your business and implement a system proven to:

  • Level up your sales process so you collect fresh, new leads consistently

  • Prevent prospects from falling through the cracks

  • Deliver a quality client experience every time

  • Slash the time you spend on busy, admin work

  • Position you to grow your business fast


    And the best part is, we’ll do ALL the work while you focus on spending more time operating in your zone of genius and serving more of the people who need you most.

    Look, I know you’re the kind of coach who wants to serve your audience, all without compromising the six-figure lifestyle you want (and deserve). BUT before you can achieve that monumental goal, you first need to implement a system that pulls the right people into your business. And that’s where we come in.


    You see, the systems and technology required to consistently bring in 5-figure months can leave your head spinning – especially when you have no idea where to start.


    That’s why I stand in the learning gap for my coaching clients by implementing automation that works for their specific business needs. And I'm ready to do it for you too.

    Here's How We Do It


      I will walk you through assessing the three key areas needed to create more clarity, ease, and flow in your business.


      We’ll design a custom, simplified and repeatable process that is an expression of your unique business


      You’ll get my expert, undivided attention for one full day to implement a seamless workflow for you and your team, and create and effortless Client Experience.


      Scale your coaching business with ease while you serve more in your zone of genius, and without burnout or losing the heart and soul of your business.

    I'm Vicky Calixte Smith. I've always had a love for tech. I can remember back to my 5th grade enrichment class, where I coded my very first computer program. Flash forward 30 years, I now have a graduate degree in Information Systems and over 15 years of experience building systems for multi-million and billion dollar companies.


    I started my service business in 2018 as a web designer to some amazing coaches. But it didn't take long for me to recognize that what my clients needed even more than a website, was systems strategy and implementation support.


    Everyone has a website, but that only plays a small part in overall business growth. Automated sales funnels and delivery systems are non-negotiable to scale online. Nowadays, I specialize in implementing these systems for coaches who are ready to make consistent income using the power of MOMENTUM.


    MOMENTUM is all about leveraging the right systems to create more impact, more time, and MORE INCOME without the tech overwhelm.

    Vicky is almost like my guardian angel when it comes to all things launching and creating my membership. She is your missing link.

    Angela E. Matthews


    "I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of working with Vicky on one of my business's biggest projects. Vicky made me feel comfortable about the project and let me know she would be there to walk me through the process. Her expertise, professionalism, and warm personality made it an enjoyable experience. Vicky went the extra mile by walking through things I didn't understand. Her passion for what she does comes across in the level of service she provides. I am a happy client and a fan of Vicky. She has helped me take my business to the next stage."

    Cherri Walston


    Discover how to leverage systems and automation to scale your coaching business with ease while you serve more in your zone of genius without burnout or losing the heart and soul of your business.

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